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Leeson Electric Motors

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State Electric is a nationwide supplier of Leeson electric motors, gearmotors and drives. We carry Leeson AC Motors, Leeson DC Motors, Leeson Drives and Leeson Gear Products. A sample list of some of the Leeson products we carry includes:

Leeson Electric Motors -AC

General Purpose Leeson Motors

Single Phase Three Phase
Rigid Base 1/6 thru 10 HP 1/6 thru 500 HP
C Face 1/4 thru 5 HP 1/4 thru 75 HP
Resilient Base 1/4 thru 2 HP 1/3 thru 3 HP
Premium Efficiency WATTSAVER® 1/3 thru 5 HP 1/2 thru 350 HP

Ag Motors

Single Phase Three Phase
General Purpose Farm Duty 1/3 thru 10 HP ---
Fan Duty 1/4 thru 3 HP 3/4 thru 3 HP
Special Application 1/4 thru 1 ½ HP 1 thru 1 ½ HP


Single Phase Three Phase
Brakemotors 1/3 thru 1 HP 1/3 thru 7 ½ HP
C Face Coupler Brakes 1/3 thru 2 HP 1/3 thru 2HP
BRAKEKIT ™ 1/3 thru 5 HP 3/4 thru 5 HP

Chemical Service Motors

Single Phase Three Phase
Steel Frame
--- 1/2 thru 5HP
Cast Iron, Adaptable for Chemical Service with Severe Duty Kit --- 3 thru 200 HP
Cast Iron, IEEE 841 --- 3 thru 100 HP
All-Stainless WASHGUARD® --- 1/2 thru 2 HP

Compressor Duty Motors

Single Phase Three Phase
Compressor Duty Motors 1 thru 10 HP 1 thru 20 HP

Explosion Proof Motors

Single Phase Three Phase
Steel Frame 1/3 thru 2 HP 1/3 thru 5 HP
Cast Iron Frame --- 3 thru 250 HP

Fan & Blower Motors

Single Phase Three Phase
General Purpose 1/4 thru 2 HP 1/3 thru 3 HP
PSC Type 1/4 thru 1 HP ---
Two-Speed 1/4 thru 1 HP 1/2 thru 1 ½ HP
TEAO 3/4 thru 3 HP 3/4 thru 3 HP
HVAC Blower --- 1/3 thru 5 HP
Condenser Fan --- 1 thru 1 ½ HP
FHP Commercial Duty 1/4 thru 1/2 HP ---

Food Processing Washdown-Duty Motors

Single Phase Three Phase
WASHGUARD® White Epoxy Coated .1/3 thru 2 HP 1/4 thru 10 HP
WASHGUARD® II Paint Free --- 1/2 thru 2 HP
All Stainless WASHGUARD® --- 1/2 thru 2 HP

IEC Metric Motors

Single Phase Three Phase
IEC Metric Motors --- .018 kW thru 37 kW

Instant Reversing Motors

Single Phase Three Phase
Instant Reversing Motors 1/3 thru 3/4 HP ---

Poultry Motors

Single Phase Three Phase
Poultry Motors 1/4 thru 3 HP 3/4 thru 3 HP

Inverter-Duty Premium Efficiency Motors

Single Phase Three Phase
WATTSAVER® --- 1/2 thru 350 HP
Blower Cooled MG1.6 --- 3 thru 50 HP

Pressure Washer Motors

Single Phase Three Phase
Pressure Washer Motors 3/4 thru 3 HP ---

Pump Motors

Single Phase Three Phase
Jet Pump 1/2 thru 3 HP 3/4 thru 3 HP
JM Type 1 thru 5 HP 1 thru 25 HP
Swimming Pool 1/2 thru 3 HP ---

Special Power/Voltage Motors

Single Phase Three Phase
50 Hz 1/3 thru 5 HP 1/2 thru 150 HP
200-208 Volt --- 3/4 thru 10 HP
575 Volt --- 1/3 thru 150 HP
575 Volt WATTSAVER® --- 1 thru 100 HP

Woodworking Motors

Single Phase 3/4 thru 4 HP

Two-Speed Motors

Single Phase Three Phase
Two-Speed Motors --- 1 thru 10 HP
Quick-turnaround multi-speed and low-speed specials --- 1 thru 200 HP

Leeson Motors - DC

SCR-Rated, 90 & 180 Volts, Permanent Magnet

Sub-FHP: 1/25 thru 1/4 HP

NEMA Frame: 1/4 thru 3 HP

Low-Voltage, 12 & 24 Volts, Permanent Magnet

Sub-FHP: 1/20 thru 1/3 HP

NEMA Frame: 1/4 thru 1 HP

Food Processing Washdown-Duty

WASHGUARD SCR-Rated, NEMA Frame: 1/4 thru 1 1/2 HP

Explosion Proof

SCR-Rated, NEMA Frame: 1/3 thru 3/4 HP

IEC Metric Frames

B5 Mounting: 0.06 thru 0.25 kW

B14 Mounting: 0.06 thru 0.25 kW

Convertible Mounting: 0.25 thru 2.2 kW

Stock Leeson AC and DC Drives

SPEEDMASTER Adjustable Speed AC & DC Drives

FHP Series AC Drives : 1/4 thru 1 HP

Micro Series AC Inverters: 1/2 thru 60 HP

SM Series Sub-Micro AC Invertors: 1/3 thru 5 HP

SM Plus Sub-Micro AC Inverters: 1/4 thru 10 HP

DC SCR Controls: Sub-FHP thru 3 HP

DC Regenerative Controls: 1/4 thru 2 HP

DC Pulse Width Modulated Controls: Sub-FHP thru 1/4 HP

Leeson Gearing

Bravo Worm Reducers & LeCENTRIC inline reducers

LEESON offers a lightweight alternative to both cast iron worm and coaxial (inline) helical gear reducers. Although there are pros and cons to cast iron and aluminum, one application might strongly lean toward cast iron where another may require only aluminum construction. The LEESON designed aluminum gear reducers have some very distinctive advantages including: lightweight and compact construction, lower purchase and shipping costs and extreme mounting flexibility. In addition, the paint-free exterior of LEESON aluminum reducers makes them a perfect solution in many applications, including washdown; food, chemical and pharmaceutical processing.

LEESON IRONMAN by Ohio Gear Worm Gear Reducers

Standard Cast Iron Worm Gear Reducers

Already recognized throughout the world as a major source of industrial-duty electric motors, gearmotors, gear reducers and drives, LEESON now joins forces with OHIO GEAR, another leader in the power transmission industry, to offer an even wider range of power transmission packaged solutions. LEESON and OHIO GEAR are subsidiaries of REGAL-BELOIT CORPORATION, a leader in the manufacture of power transmission equipment.

OHIO GEAR has been manufacturing speed reducers since 1915, establishing a trusted name in the industry for providing product with dependability, strength, precision and compatibility. With over 87 years of design and manufacturing expertise at OHIO GEAR, combined with the dynamic sales and marketing abilities of LEESON, we can now jointly offer a worm gear product that is second to none.

Introducing IRONMAN BY OHIO GEAR, the industry's newest, most superior line of worm gear reducers, combining the solid name recognition and gear reducer experience of OHIO GEAR with premium features of the IRONMAN series. Available through 6.00 center distance, the 800 Series IRONMAN BY OHIO GEAR reducer line is a true heavy duty workhorse that handles the environmental assaults, shock loading, frequent reversing and continuous duty cycles typical in many industrial applications.

Washdown Gear Reducers

LEESON washdown reducers are designed and built to withstand the rigors of high pressure washdowns in food service and other wet or humid conditions. They combine the standard IRONMAN features with added WASHGUARD features assuring trouble-free operation. Use these with LEESON WASHGUARD Duck motors for a Gear+Motor with truly unmatched ability to thrive under conditions that quickly destroy most motors and gear reducers.

All Stainless Gear Reducers

The new 800 Series of All-Stainless worm gear reducers are designed to withstand the rigors of high-pressure washdowns. Built on the foundation of LEESON's industrial-duty IRONMAN BY OHIO GEAR line, these All-Stainless reducers add premium features to ensure trouble-free operation in food processing, pharmaceutical, poultry processing, chemical areas and other high-humidity, abrasive or corrosive environments. LEESON All-Stainless reducers are available in four center distances, in ratios from 5:1 through 100:1 with NEMA C flange, quill or coupling input.